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River Of Glass (Rishloo)

I'm sure that I'm fine but I heard there's a bath in a river of glass so I'll take it I've always known that the smiles that were shown were plastic and hollow lines and I'll be damned, your metaphor dollar-fed God got into my head Hey now, plastics gather 'round now you're waitin' with your hands out for the blood flies to come and carry you home doubt is a crime and I caught me at last running circles in rounded-off places scanning for hope but these windows of gold play tricks on my eyes... ...why don't we pull apart, look inside the curtains of origins that imitate life and where you are is where I'll be floating arms of azure seize who will you inspire? as I watch this world below, and the world I watch grows smaller and smaller fear and love all collide and all at once the piper plays green tearing the sleeves pulled up from the sea and thrown through the ceiling stepping stones so carefully untouched you'll only leave this world alone strange that you think you can fly strapped to a stone in a blinked needle's eye I'll be damned, your all-time-low just lowered again hey now plastics gather round now you're waitin' with your hands out, waitin' for the war flies, waitin' for the blood flies to come and carry you home