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Scissorlips (Rishloo)

Where are you? I'm lost upon this boulevard And I'm afraid this plastic mask made room enough for all of us Now Scissorlips has come to grips while chewing paper fingertips That boulevards made boulevards of boulevards in endless strips Sing your lullaby Sing, sing, sing I want hear it from your lips-what's it worth shining for? Nevermind your thirst, nevermind the curses you utter vacantly I can hear them scream from below, I still hear them screaming below All we are is all we are, transcendental animals Where are you? I'm high above this boulevard I left behind this passive mask to prove to us it's not enough Now Scissorlips throws Scissorfits 'til bleeding's what the kissing gets To fork the tongues of old and young, forever speaking opposites ... trying to dig up the love-you call this love? For the love of loss, we find For the love of joy, we cry For the love growth, we sever For the love of now, we never For the love of peace, we kill For the love of wealth, we steal For the love of difference, confine For the love of unity, divide For the love of love, we hate Who wouldn't want to disappear? But I'm still here, I am still here Having come out the other side wearing horrors that climb from our soul And I am still here, I am still here Falling facedown into the light, wholly naked I cling to these roots And I am still here, I am still here