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Seven Rings Left (Rishloo)

Shadow of a soul you Come to me and wait for my approval To kneel here Sacred is the ground I tread Leave no footprints perfect in your eyes, you fool Lay the lesser down This blood so dark and red Won't eat away the chains That hold you where I wish Where I wish Watch my every move so calculated Hunted by the prey but sly, indifferent Swallow all your pride the poison's Better that way When this scent arises new Lover of a lie Immersed inside yourself Dream your fractured mind away inside this cell Oppression, anger, fear and pain Restrain the fire to hold the flame To burn, to sear, to penetrate Allowed a voice to scream my name Grasp in your greed for the riches Give up the hopes for your pride Drink down the wine like a glutton Follow the lust in my eyes For I am the master so envied Free to be wasteful and sloth Fear now the wrath of my power Counting the sins to stay lost And weak and alone and ashamed Afraid, so afraid Of mistakes and failures to be Perfect, passive and unquestioning You're awake now, but far too weak So wait Worry, hide in shadow Do not speak, do not dissent, and lay down Take it, celebrate this pain Tear away the covers Useless vestiges of comfort Pointless tokens of a difference To hide from me Throw away the balance Senseless running without conscience Endless circle or a spiral We'll always bleed The same So lay down Lay down slave Lay down, down Lay down Slave Lay down, down Lay down Slave Lay down, down Lay down Slave Lay down