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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Systematomatic (Rishloo)

Hey you, I've seen you here before In your eyes, prizmatic sight on and on as I defy Denials, back from the broken glass Sapphire visions and favored derisions with spiders on your mind shaking fists full of string as I Tie me up in knots while contradictory impulse lusts The dreaming loom is twisted and confused The stories on the spools will weave us back into one And here we find ourselves again Tightrope decisions and blood-colored medicine a million miles from eye-to-eye It feels much as it did before biting the tails in self-made betrayals Forever repeating this deceit, so who cares if I... ... while spinning I spun you a web While spinning I spun you, Stammering words in a daze, seemingly starry-eyed followers mumbling praise And all of the world is a stage, fleetingly these marionettes dance straight to their graves With every desire on a string the future hangs perilously It's the start of the tie that will bind and the last fraying strand Spinning on the dreaming loom a web of lies and tangled truths With every knot that comes undone, we weave ourselves back into one