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To Tame The Temporal Shrew (Rishloo)

Pass between the in between To evidence the things unseen By travelers who've past beneath Till waxed and flaxen unkempt hair Is standard where they hold me here To seperate the spirit from the shape Feast upon the eyes Breath of life falters Waiting for the sign Borderline course to wonder Is the shutter shy the film is fading Seen through pallid eyes the joy and waking Wholly satisfied to cauterize the two that feel alright Seeing white light Stepping outwards to embrace All the phantom static in play All these virgins calling for haste See the satyr rise To feast upon the eyes closing She is strange oh this death dealing diva Speaking coarse with reluctance to me We will dance where the fever bereaves us To escape from the fortune she weaves I'm ashamed when the flames sell me fire For the lantern I've made from my skin Can the stitches hold on through these travels If the hunger removes them within As I race through the passage I find you And we dance till eternity ends And the void is not full up nor empty When the song of our empire begins Oh