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Weevil Bride (Rishloo)

And in the end we caught our weevil bride She was arraigned in garments' genocide We took her home to where our mirror stood, like she knew we would so she smiles She sings oo-oo-oo, I've been here before Many years ago, before the war And it goes on and on and on until you're gone And I just need to know that everything is fine and everyone's alright They take our tongues and give us guns, two coins for the ferryman for when you're gone The weight of souls drives his boat ashore and he sails no more Staring out across the end he sings oo-oo-oo I've never been here before, even years ago after the war... ... chiseling the granite from our dusty eyelids, harvesting the stones we throw We caught a virus from the periscope inside us, we caught a virus from the periscope We caught a virus from the periscope inside us, we caught a virus, we caught a virus Star-struck freeze frame capture that coin-filp fateful harmony-muted feedback With your cold hands on the foreheads so feverish and frantic while madmen lay your landmines in the ballroom And I want some, yes please Send us back as amputees with starry rags and shiny things Let me back into the sun How many times must all this be said? On and on until we're gone, we're all children of light cut from the same thread