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Good Times (Gene Chandler)

Early evening and the weather's fair Dark glasses and don't give a care Finger popping out on the street All dressed and neat My buddy pulls up in a Cadillac Driving slow with the top left back Patiently, the girls, they wait For their heavy date (CHORUS) And it's gonna be good times It's gonna be good times It's gonna be good times Good times To a slow stop at the first girl's door I don't plan to be back til four The old folks, they don't worry, you see They have trust in me (CHORUS) Today I'm gonna get my bread For tonight I've got to look my best My girl would be full of smiles When the music begins We're gonna dance awhile Fast music and the room smoked up Double clutch in an old beer cup Digging music from the old hi-fi Giving her the eye (CHORUS) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...