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There Was A Time (Gene Chandler)

One, two, three, four There was a time When I used to dance There was a time When I used to prance Dig me now, baby, ha Don't worry bout later, ha Here's a dance I used to do They call the mash potato, oh Lookie here There was a dance They call the jerk Everybody relax And watch me work All right, lookie here In my home town Up here with the boys The name of the place Is Chicago, Illinois Up there, we have a good time We don't talk, ha Instead we all get together Any type of weather Then we do the camel walk, wow All right, lookie here Now there was a dance That I used to do now The name of the dance They call the boogaloo, ha I may not do the dance As well as you, ha But you can bet your bottom dollar You'll never hear me holler I'll do the best that I can do, wow All right, lookie here There was a time Sometimes I danced Sometimes I danced Baby, sometimes I danced Baby, baby, baby, yeah They call me the woman handler They call me the woman handler But you can bet you Haven't seen nothing yet Until you've seen me do The Gene Chandler, wow