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Hate The Ones You Love (This or the Apocalypse)

You don't know me Only my constant search for meaning And I'm not done writing my words in the sand don't trust a lot of them Why keep the blame yourself when you can spread it around? I only wanted to help That's why you shoved me out Why live your life with open eyes When you can see your own turn? Why make amends a thousand times When you can watch the world burn? If you can't get up and walk away from me You're gonna drown too Because you wouldn't fight to get it back And I would The thrill isn't just gone, it's dead And the dream is lying with it too I want to see my face in the picture Without wondering who it belongs to Don't worry if I said I hate you it will never come close to my hate for myself No one can Because people are vile and arrogant They're disgusting They ruin the only world they have But I will not keep litting it hold me back So don't you wait for me cause I'm gone I'll lay my head where I want So I'll never have to waste my time If you can't get up and walk away from me We are brothers Brothers.