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Get The Knife (Have Heart)

name me one thing that you have ever stayed true to besides the trends. you change, you switch you go with the motherfucking seasons. so tell me just why should I ever trust you when I know you're not true. when I know just what friendship meant to you...NOTHING the cooler crowd walked on by you dropped me like a bad habit so all your talk of brotherhood proves you're a lying sack of shit I think you've got things confused I'm not your fucking latter for you to gain some higher ground. especially when good will isn't even abound. your fucking tune, it's old as time so don't feed me that bullshit line I see our friendship. what's it for? I'm cutting you off because I've seen friends like you before you scum, you fuck, fucking scum don't call yourself my friend and then leave me in the dust what's wrong? what's wrong with you? your intentions aren't true what's wrong? what the fuck's wrong with you? it's every fucking thing you do don't sing to me