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Hard Bark On The Family Tree (Have Heart)

Hard bark on the family tree October leaves on Massachusetts' trees. A sight so fleetingly free Just how October leaves Just how October leaves Just how October leaves Me On fire with the maple trees, On my knees with these leaves on these Boston streets, Praying to a god a godforsaken summer night stole (one night), one fight, one family swallowed whole. Some things just fall apart Some families stand like November trees: barren and stark. Some things just fall apart Some memories continue breaking this cold heart And some sons have a hard time Looking at things the same Looking in their father's eyes When both their heads hang in shame Highways home become oceans That I just can't swim And the rusty gates of Eden lock To never let me in. Let me in Oceans of emotions we've got to swim Well I open my eyes I can't see that family I can't see that home So I'll just keep them closed Outside the door with these open arms, With the warmth of the maple tree. If these trees can't replaces these scars Then let their leaves just bury me Let their leaves just bury me.