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Lionheart (Have Heart)

This so-call "shit" is what I live for, it's why I'm alive I'll never smother this fire, forever burning inside I'm at the point where I'm sucked in, by the message I get this passion. this fury is mine and it keeps me alive. I can't fucking breathe until I release what's inside. An unloaded gun, that will never go off. a rollercoaster ride, that can't wait to stop so tell me who the fuck are you trying to fool? tell me what the fuck have you put your heart into? Fuck the tame animal restricted to the cage with predictable actions, that define your "rage" I'm the motherfucking lion roaring in your face tearing down those limits that keep you placed Say I care too much and I got it all wrong? I'm in this for the message, it's more than just song blood, sweat, intensity every broken knuckle or busted knee I'm doing my best, and I'm doing my part don't criticize me man when there's no fire in your heart