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Lions And Lambs (Have Heart)

I heard a calling, i heard a roaring from a place where this boy could go. And I still can't find any other place to call my home. I mean this, i need this like wind for wings. don't take this from me, don't break this for me... the only place where my soul can sing,scream,breathe and find meaning... sing,scream,breath,and find healing in this refuge,this scene,where hearts don't hide from the sleeve. I see it in jaded eyes of bitter old men trapped in bodies of bitter young kids with their machine-gun tongues of only shit to talk, so safe from the storm with the boats on the dock. Hearts are spilled and yet you're feeling nothing... loveless for the new,and now you're feeling old. has your heart ever beat for something? or has the flame still burning left you cold? nothing, nothing,nothing but a heart that beats for nothing...nothing, nothing,but mine is still pounding for the music you feel, the message that heals, the community as the common ideal, the music you feel, the message that heals,this home you break I've loved for years. ...and I see it in the lambs, replacing lions too scared to lay one feeling on the line. too scared to start a fire.the silent ones in the deaf-eared choir... your jaws ajar yet I'm nothing. The hollow have no heart for the sleeve. your lazy feet ever stood for something? or have you become too bored to believe? nothing, nothing,nothing but a trend of believing in nothing...nothing, nothing,nothing's yet to change my beliefs in the music you feel the message that heals the community as the common ideal the music you feel the message that heals this home you break I've loved... and to all the god-damn lazy motherfuckers i dare you to create something get in a van or get on this stage. I' ve hardened these hands because i build not break. I'm on my knees on the floor, begging please: don't break this for me because everything else is broken. broken everything i love is broken broken everything...