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No Roses, No Skies (Have Heart)

She's a song unsung She's the wild orchid in your ugly swamp She's a song unsung and the only white walls of her mind know what that song sounds like The pills, the pills and the Dr.'s promises just ain't doing the trick cause the arms of nothing she falls asleep in can still bring the razor to the wrist The TV screens, the magazines scream at you like the dogs of hell advertising and advising you to be anyone but your beautiful self Prince Charming never brought you flowers just loveless lifetime alone No roses for you, just unlocked doors and the deafening silence of your phone So block your ears, close your eyes remember that you're a golden soul fallen from the boring, heartless Hollywood heard of lies that they call: Beautiful With no shoulder, no hand, no body, no man, no door, no heart to let you: The sun can take too long to end the endless night I hear you, I feel you, I bleed with you when our hearts begin to scream: This life can feel too long But at night, you're dancing through the pain even when you're the only one no rose, no sky as full of the beauty of the girl who dies but rises with every morning's sun alone She dances alone alone -- so beautiful alone -- her own romance: alone -- Lady Lazarus' Life-Sustaining Dance