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The Worth (Have Heart)

the times have changes and so have they these changing times won't change me casted aside, lost all my friends more important to me, than it ever was to them. their beliefs were ran down, but mine stood so tall so many close friends i've said goodbye to them all lost all support, but the fires still in my heart to stand alone is to stand fucking hard backs are turned, faces look away but convictions grow stronger every day if it means i'll stand on my own thats the price i'll pay, and i'll pay it alone if only i'll stand, then alone i will strive remain, sustain mountains of trials, solitary days but no matter what, the spirit remains alone in this crowd, but i'll persist temptations and pressure i'l never give in my promise is made, my promise is kept a passing fad reminds me of all that you've said no shoulder to lean on, as lonely as a cloud but i've held true, and never been so proud ...(the) price i'll pay for the value, for the truth for the meaning of it all...the worth