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Dragster wave (Ghinzu)

It seems during the day that I'm a spy reincarnated Into a very strange love affair between a dream and a man It's seems during the night that I can't even close my eyes I gotta tell you about my sweet living nightmare I fall in love with, every night Your love is a dragster wave. It makes us breath like two machines Flower lust, my hurricane, you turn my blood into gasoline And we sweat, and it's sweet And we breath like machines And we play, and we pray 'til we find hidden sins And we crash, and we burn every moment in turn every thing we've learned to forget will return You'll leave on your knees You'll cry, I'll please Combustible tears, destructible fears And we crash and we burn every second in turn Every thing that we learned to forget will return. Allright! And the sun is going over me. Over your sex steam battle face Over minibars and golgot eyes. Your triple 6 carat ass