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Never Expire (Gossling)

Am C Dm F 1. You told me words that will never expire Am C Dm F Watch what my body says when you’re caught being a liar Am C Dm I’ll fire words as staccato sounds F Am Grinding my teeth, shoulders tightly wound C Dm F You told me words that I had once admired Am C 2. Once I was sure that our love wouldn’t change Oh how I’ve been so wrong, you’re the only to blame You gently weep as my forehead frowns Absent words keep and a heartache pounds You told me words that I no longer require F Am C Dm F R: But your heart was the furthest thing away Am C Dm F When you told how you’d chosen to behave C Dm F Dm And the false words you told me made haste Am C Dm F All the tales and secret ways that kept their pace 3. Talking of faults, shifting blame from yourself Caught in a mess of words when you try lying as help Try to be stable while my anger swells You’ve been unfaithful but my heart won’t dwell You told me words that will never expire G F R: But your heart... (2x) Am (4x)