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Love Me, Leave Me (Kat DeLuna)

The very first day of my life Was the day that you let me go It was a blessing in disguise Now I see that I'm beautiful If all we ever did was fight We was so disfunctional Now I've forgotten all the times And all the days I was lovin you. Just like a ghost from my past (he's come back to haunt me) Saying that you want me back (but that's impossible so...) Love me, leave me Cause I've already closed that door Don't want to be In that pain I've felt before If I only could be myself Without your approval anymore So love me, leave me If you love me leave me alone Now there used to be a time I would've taken you back again But now without you on my mind And I'm totally independent So you can save your little lies Cause i know whats happenin' Your missin' me but say goodbye (yeah) To all the days I was lovin' you [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] If you really wanna help Then you should go Cause I promised myself I'd let it alone At the back of the shelf Cause where i put what we had I'll never going back, no [Chorus]