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Blond Adonis (Future Bible Heroes)

I'm the new greek statue you can take home and enjoy I'm the dream of every queen the world's most gorgeous boy I'm the billion dollar baby with a million dollar smile I'm the toast of every coast and I can't sing - oh, honey blond adonis on the endless autobahn blond adonis on the cover of a magazine blond adonis on the golden streets of cannes blond adonis on the silver screen I'm the new sex object and I am god's gift to you I'm the blond with tousled frond and eyes of baby blue I can't sing, but I can do some things that leave you breathless take me home and leave the light off you'll see why I'm famous I'm the last of the master race the grand teutonic plague my computer-generated face is all the rage I'm continuously updated, I never age I'm only an actor, and the whole world is a stage