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Judgement Day (Aquaria)

And now the court is here to judge this case -The future of our lives depends on this- Blood shed to glorify all this revenge -The fragile fate remains in battlefield- No, I have my appeal None of this is real Hear my defense - Right now! You broke the code of life and harmony Your sacred heart is not pure anymore The law of universe writes destiny Now you have no more time to fear me, so... No, I have my appeal None of this is real Hear my defense Before my sentence My serenity thought mankind was free Maybe I failed this time And goodness still beats my heart A child in my womb Guardian of innocence Harmless, Naive A seed of beauty rising from the storm I'll go as far as you go The light is back, I'm free again Allies gave back my soul The future now is safe again Spirits of light have defeated The rottenning of life Humans and nature can now Walk together in light The battle is over And the sky lives no more into darkness Now it's the time to defend and protect the success Away I'll go Away I'll be free again This time you'll have my goal Unite, it's in your own hands Oh, I had my appeal Look, oh it's so real Hear my sentence You're my holy friend Destiny was sealed Look, oh it's so real I believed in fate And goodness still beats my heart Someday We'll fly Through sea And sky Now I'll go, I will leave you But if you need, I'll come.