Third World (Dr. Sin)

Only the strong survive So that the rich can thrive Everyone else is deprived The brutal way of the third world is in my face Makes you wanna defect From the human race You never thoght there could be So much suffering and misery So many people Living in utter depravity Democracy in decline Keep the masses in line Just tell them everything is fine The bitter wine of the third world is in my veins The bloody past of my homeland is my shame Can't erase all those Images in my mind As i try to forget what I left behind Crimes! Rapes! Drugs! Shame! Crimes! Rapes! Drugs! Shame... People still fighting for money... Religion... Color of skin... Injustice in the third world will persist Because we never decide to Refused and resist, no! Can't speak your mind You gotta keep your mouth shut, yeah! Keep your rage inside Burning in your gut Living in the third world