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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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In Anger (Cardiant)

Why I thought I had it all and why I wanted more Could it be just there for while, the while I need for myself Never dared to seal my door Never dared to look behind Once again I was As fool as I can be Anger takes my mind at will The will I never could lead Feel this anxious rise Got no chance to be myself Maybe somewhere I´ll find the place where I can just be Let me allow this dawn Before we´ll follow that star I´m making my command on this hazy unknown ground (The) Pain and the anger is gone I know my life is worth of this run I won´t again put myself to burn my Candle at both ends Once we will break our time And that shine in your eyes will be my guide Looking into the stars made me blindly believe in the truth of the lighting star It may be hard to tell in advance For now we assume and wait the forgotten chance