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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Whenever (Cherish)

We were sittin' at the table. We were talkin' bout some thangs. Conversatin' on what's been goin' on lately. He moved in a little further. Said baby come a little closer. There is something that I want you to know. And then he said. Whenever you wanna get down. I'll be around. 'Cause I'm in no hurry. Again he said. Whenever you fellin' the mood to let me love you. I'll be here for you Huhn huhn uhn huhn. (4x) Huhn uhn huhn un huhn uhn. I put my hair behind my ear. Thinking if what I heard was clear. Turned my head thinking 'bout what I should say. Then he said before you speak. You're the only one for me. Baby I'm here for you whenever your ready. All while he speaks. Thoughts start to creep. I start to think. About the things. In time we could do. And then he said. Huhn huhn uhn huhn. (4x) Huhn uhn huhn un huhn uhn. Whenever the time whenever the place. Baby just call or hit me on my two way. Baby I'm down for whatever you say. It's all for you. And then he said.