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Hard Enough (The Parlor Mob)

I've been down the river, and I've paid the cost I've known the gains, and I've felt the loss Of the things I hold, so dear to me. I'm looking back through unfamiliar eyes To understand the way a feeling dies And it takes its toll, it takes its toll Like a knife deep down in my soul It's hard enough, it's hard enough To walk this lonely road without you It's hard enough, it's hard enough To miss everything about you It's hard enough to know I'm out here on my own/ So far away from the ones I love When home's the only thing I'm dreaming of When I close my eyes, you're the face I see And it takes its toll on me. Every moment reminds me of something Something I've lost, somewhere I can't go back But I just keep moving on, there's nothing else I can do But wait for tomorrow The road is wide, and time is an ocean And I'm afraid, but trouble will come and go I know the stars are leading me back to you