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Do You Believe In Magic? (Aly & AJ)

Do you believe in magic In a young girl's heart How the music can free her whenever it starts And it's magic If the music is groovy It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie I'll tell you 'bout some magic, it'll free your soul It's like tryin to tell a stranger about rock 'n roll If you believe in magic Don't bother to choose If it's Jug band music Or rhythm and blues Just go and listen It'll start with a smile It won't wipe off your face No matter how hard you try Your feet start tappin And you can't seem to find How you got there So just blow your mind If you believe in magic Come along with me We'll dance until mornin Til there's just you and me And maybe If the music is right I'll meet you tomorrow Sort of late at night And we'll go dancin Baby, then you'll see How the magic's in the music And the music's in me Do you believe in magic, ya Believe in the magic of a young girl's soul Believe in the magic of rock 'n roll Believe in the magic that can set you free Oh... Talkin bout magic Do you believe in magic Do you believe like I believe in magic (5x)