Freya's Teachings (Timo Tolkki)

There are things that you don't understand Your mother, you and me We are the same, defenders of truth We've always been here We are a miracle of creation We are warriors of the light Angels in human form Born to serve And love is the key Love is the answer So open your heart, you'll realize Love is the key And love is the door Love is the glue that keeps The whole universe together as one If we'd just learn That love is the key SPOKEN Before we are born we choose our mission here together with the universe At all times we have a complete free will to choose what's best for us The universe has no religion but love and compassion Evil exists and its only goal is to destroy love There is no God, there is Universal Intelligence that flows through all things There is no Devil, there is no Hell, there is no punishment, there is only love There is heaven from where we come from and where we will return We can come back to Earth if we choose to do so We're spiritual beings having a human experience