Journey To The Azores (Timo Tolkki)

Everything that I have heart in the last few days has changed me completely I don't want to go back to my old life I believe this is the life I have chosen for myself, I feel it inside I want to become a warrior of light like my mother I'm very happy to hear that there is however one more trip you must take Your training will be completed by someone who completed mine For this, you will have to travel to the Azores Thousands have walked the same road before you There are many of us, I wish you luck on your journey Don't forget though what I have taught you about love It's the only way to defeat darkness Don't let it manipulate you and don't listen to it Remember, this is your journey What do you think? Will she manage the upcoming confrontation with evil? I know they have been watching her for a long time Because she is so powerful and they are scared I don't know, but it will be difficult Only by fighting evil face to face she can become a warrior of light And if she surrenders to love It's best if you follow her from a distance Change your appearance and only make yourself known if she is in mortal danger What will happen, will happen