Let's Sing Again (Fats Waller)

Lets sing again Let music in your heart But you must do your part Let's sing again, yeah, haaa... Rm happy when Somebody sings to me A simple melody Let's sing again, yes, yes Without a song to sing What has man to ding to I wouldn't mean a thing, no, no, no. no Without someone To sing to, Honey, aww Though now and then, di di ah The world may seem so b, b, Blue A song will see you th. th, through Lets sing again, Yes, yes, yes Oh, he's got a clarineat voice Yes, yes Uh-huh Ummm Aw, he's singing again That's right, C'mon, brother Ah, this is the? tromboons Yeah Ahhh Though now and then The world may seem so blue A song will see you through Lets sing again, yes, yes, yes La, La, La, La Lets sing again Rrrrip