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License To Thrill (Rose Katy)

You break me- I want my peices badly You take me- I want myself back madly You fight me- I want a nice peace tready You light me- I want the darkness completely Tape my wing down Hold my blue toe to the ground Take my senses But you can't take my license to thrill You can't mold me- I'll take the clay and make a snake You can't hold me- I can't be anything that's fake take my life But don't take my license to thrill I wonder- why I ever bothered You can't see- I've been plenty fathered And sometimes- I can see straight through your blue eyes You're so blind- you can't see when someone else crys I guess it's not so bad You gaurd me and hold my hand You just can't strip away My quirkiness today I guess it's not so bad It's not so bad