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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Destroying Something Beautiful (Bleed The Dream)

What makes you think that I would just let you walk away? Was it my honest eyes or the way I put my hands around your neck? It’s just my way of saying I love you It’s just my way of saying goodbye Now forget the death of me you’re too weak to stand up on your own Persistent, will be the death of me You’re dead to play to be next before letting go (letting go) Nothing you could say would strain the sins across my fixing stitches Why at home, you’re alone. So correction, when this was still my hand and every single cell was made for you Keep begging, you look good down on your knees it will make you forget everything you know There’s something wrong with the smell here I taste those kisses everywhere All that you wished for, all that you mean It all came to sense, I’ll make you bleed Oh, It’s fire in my brain, it smells like fire (yeah,oh) Now forget the death of me you’re too weak to stand up on your own There’s something about you, meaning everything you do that makes me wanna grab you by the throat and cut through Forget my alibi, don’t even need to lie Can’t wait to cut your throat, while I’m watching you die