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Aevum (Obscura)

Where profound souls shy away from self fulfillment We stroll in silence through this universe Where abysmal pansophy wallows in deepness To enjoy the bliss of a fractional existence The holiest necessity of inner being is not a law for nature In nature even divine necessity takes on the bleach animosity To keep our inner being free of this contradiction With the irresistible force fore of a terrible necessity once present Those who are ashamed to start from the earth To climb up from the creature mankind To draw those thoughts that are beyond Earth, fire, water, and air Void Dimension - as man stands here on earth Void Dimension - as flash of eternity As man stands here on earth in this life As flash of eternity that enlighten this gloominess Portraying this progeny of their soul as enigma Devoured by it's own will, unbounded, inevitable Wherever one thing reaches into the other Neither of the others can leave Each requires the other