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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Centric Flow (Obscura)

The primal energy infuses everything and nature awakens Flowers bloom, waterfalls tumble into immense canyons, And the animals evolve as consciousness races back to its source Shiva reveals his secret to Matseyendra The secret of the ages, the secret of life And then turns into a statue of Kayavarohan, Awaiting discovery someday by one who seeks awakening Awakening happens only in the next world, The next, and the following But the promise of awakening is here and now And without the promise, there is only cold and darkness But Shiva remains hiding just out of sight He reveals himself last, if ever For to discover Shiva is to understand the mystery that has no answer And the dance goes on even though worlds collide, The sun burns out and the universe freezes It just awaits the next step