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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Hymn To A Nocturnal Visitor (Obscura)

The dark has revealed and enigma to me A call through the void of powers that be A thin thread of light in the night of our souls Expanse through the shadows, awakens, breaks free A memory haunts me, embraces me slowly Takes hold of my mind and swallows me wholly A presence divine sends a chill through my spine As my flesh starts to burn with desires unholy A jewel is gleaming through oceans of lies A splinter of heaven in earthly disguise Defying the rules of the theatre of fools To sing me of truth with her fanthomless eyes Our skins come together with electrical hiss Our worlds are engulfed in an all-melting kiss It is the life-force that draws us with ever-smooth claws Hopelessly entwined, into a vortex of bliss With swaying limbs twitching and writhing in spasms We echo the call that rings through the chasm As god becomes beast dances devil with priest And angels descend to our pounding orgasm Consuming our bodies our spirits will rise In motionless rapture we reach for the skies Recalling our powers to reclaim what is ours Led by the sparkling of stars in her eyes