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Prismal Dawn (Obscura)

Behind those halls yonder, above the caliginoous enigma Where soul and spirit unite, there lies buried everything I have Where we left the quiet sanctuary that united us on this side To be separated for aeons, enchained in eternity I lost you when I am chased away yet again Yet your feeble remnants adores them I am torn away even from the area of ground that covers you Which was the very last thing I had of you I lost you when I am chased away yet again Yet your mortal remains rest peacefully and purely Whatever part of this earth will retain them Passing the world beyond, I'll be with you This is our heart, our mind, our conscience Our soul no longer belongs to us Returning home to eternal freedom Begin a new course, ennoble our essence In the latter we find one law and one purpose A purpose that can not be from this world Beyond abyss through which blackness shines in Behind those halls, where soul and spirit unite There lies buried everything I have in the Prismal Dawn