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Mood Swinging Man (Finn Brothers)

He's a mood swinging man with his bag of tricks Never know where he's at The life of a party when he's doing his flips A drag when he's flat on his back This town feels empty now he's gone away Please understand Something new to discover everyday The wheels in his hand he takes me up He brings me back down again Flash in the pan Mood swinging man can't pretend Tall dark stranger of the restless kind Shadow of a shadow I'd like to wander through his mind He's hard to get to know He wakes you up in the dead of night To tell you he's in love He can give a heavy sleeper a terrible fright And no one can keep up With the mood swinging man He'll be back down again He lights up He's a flash in the pan Mood swinging man No idea who I am I'm the mood swinging man You know where he's at He will crave your attention still All too familiar Mood swinging man