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45 (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

A man in a red coat straddled the shoulder Off the street to vanish into a cloud Looking up between his arms he saw the sidewalk Floundering lustily around He followed his eyelids up the stairs and Turned and stared at a lustered pound That gave him as a reply a jellied smile from its Green and wide mouth As he passed the door he rolled his eyes He was galvanized through the phone and Understood the crackle of typewriters, Phonographs and heliophones But it was Sunday and walking and talking - It's all the same- he could've been (...) He came here for a lady while the sun & the wind were Walking and talking, Walking and talking The light snuggles a substance Like a worm in Vatican Set at a radio broadcast that long ago began The sound dropped him earlier from somewhere This time The saxophone fish musicians were Unfair Then nightfall, my dear, flung his gambling limbs Along the street to here Though the walls were all of concrete He could by a simple pressure of his teeth Break the tender mechanism which sustained them And dropped a powdered smile Thus was he welcomed, thus were his feet Bathed to be roared back in scream Then he knew that she would stalk maybe scrap him And by orchids sing about it He became 1, 2, 3, wobbling dishes for her Gentle guests, his friends and enemies But it was Sunday and at a quiet terrace He could have been seated and talking And at nightfall he shuddered, The horror of that dusk The eyes shut, Standing