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8 & 9 (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

As two men dropped down the dead body Of a young elegant dandy, All stopped their dance and began staring At the knife that was in his chest resting. Then the smiling murderer came in. He was a town worker young and thin. And he bent over the dead dandy as to take the knife from his body. The body soon opened his eyes And grabbed the murderer’s left arm. Said “Why did you stab me in the heart? While i was showing you my new suit!! It was whole so pretty and new, Now it’s all so bloody and screwed!” And the smiling worker young and thin Helped the body of the young dandy To get up and stand back on his feet As if he were an old friend in need. They both embraced, they were laughing. As they scared the night people were still staring, and one could hear this: “My knife was pretty sharp wasn’t it?” “Twice as sharp as my new suit was neat!” The body soon shut down his mouth To listen to the people shout. “Let’s get away”, the dead man said , “Before they think something is strange. Let’s have a drink at the café and drink, and drink, And drink… till my suit you repay”