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Collage (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

Dr Pox was quite happy, though people thought he’d be buried Without at least been once married. He was almost fifty three when he got married at last! (It was last year in January) When he met that girl at the bakery, Dr Pox knew his wife she'd be She was 19 (shocking!), she was lovely. She accepted the sparkling ring But Dr Pox though unworried Told his wife, oh she was so charming, “Don’t you ever cheat on me, with me knowing” Dr Pox had an apprentice, whom at home with them both lived. His wife soon fell in love with him and he did so reciprocally. They were in love and that was it. Couldn’t bear more, he wrote a bill On which anybody could read: “From you never to be parted Forever joined as one to be” She just smiled and took the bill but Dr Pox that night found it And as a scientist came to think, “For sure their wish I can make real!” He then prepared for the lovers a strange good meal from the Far East "In a few seconds they'll slumber deep" Dr Pox knew they were to sleep Long enough for surgery to proceed Long enough for stitches and scars to heal The girl woke up “Is that a dream?” To her lover seemed stuck to be Dr Pox said triumphantly “Thank me my dears, your wish is now real!" "Cause you said, never to be parted Forever joined as one to be From you never to be parted Forever joined as one to be!"