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Eve at the mansion (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

Today they brought mummy to the grave; I buried my sweet dolls near that hedge. A year ago I had to put them all away, down inside my closet I asked them to stay. I'd just got 13 and mummy would say that when 13 we should give all the dolls away. I see before me open red eyes, two little globes or rubicund flies. They turn and glare behind the stove and see my hands still under my gloves under my gloves. Don't you move now a monster is sneaking. Don't you breathe now on your laps he's sitting Oh stupid monster! How stupid he is! Thinks he's gonna tell us something weird. And you know what ? I'm not scared at all. And don't you know, my sister my dear? And you know what, my sister my dear? We're gonna teach him what is real fear... what is real fear We're gonna teach the monster what is real fear. (Mummy was just the greatest of my dolls and for daddy too who played with her whole. For). Yes we all would play with mummy until the morning sent her to the dirt. That's no drama in this house, he now says, that's it, with the day she passed away. I see on your face darkness is coming, but in her tomb your mother still lying your mother still lying (She turns and prays and finally rests and silently waits for the next.) Don't you speak now tobacco is burning. Don't you call her, no she won't be coming. Oh witty daughter! How witty you are! Think you're gonna step her back to here. And you know what ? I will not believe that with your cries , my daughter my dear ? you know what I won't believe you're gonna find her stepping back to here back to here la la la la Then she stood and took the table between, and told her dad to sit and be still. Hush now my little dad, I'm gonna call & call & call the spirit of hers. The pedestal moved and jumped and stopped when her mummy's ghost on the door then knocked. Already here! Little Girl said. Have a sit mummy before it's too late. Don't you go know your wife is speaking. Don't you lie now truth will soon spring. Unfaithful father, what a shame you now show! What do you think from her mouth will blow. And you know what? I'm not scared at all. Don't you know, my father my dear ? and you know what, my father my dear? Can see on your face what is real fear what is real fear la la la la ( I died on my will, neither by me or anyone killed. Wanted to die and now I am dead. A cancer came by that was my pledge. Now my husband listen to me well. I had a lover who with you now dwells. Ha! Ha! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! )