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Hidden and sick (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

Lil Henry loved to play hide & seek In his grandma’s attic he always hid That Sunday his parents left without him They said, “Never mind we’ll pick him up next week!” Lil Henry was waiting in the attic For his parents up there to find him For his grandma his soup to bring As she did, when they left without him (It must be said for the rest of the story That deaf-mute was poor Henry That his grandma was a bit crazy Which will not help as you will see) Poor Henry starving hidden & weak Tried to make noise on the floor to be noticed But the old lady was so crazy, Thought the noises mice or breeze should be That night his parents’ car fell from a cliff And his grandma forgot about him So he was there with only dust to lick Not even a book, or old clothes to eat Six long days he had spent in the attic And not a day more could he have lived Poor Henry finally died hidden & sick For he could not survive with only dust to lick And the old lady was so crazy Thought the noise mice or breeze should be Poor Henry finally died He could not survive Poor little thing, poor little thing, poor little Thing!