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Nevermore brothel (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

He was a silent child who played on a white carpet In the main room of the Nevermore Brothel Lady, his mother, was sitting, knitting under a blanket In the dimming light of the Nevermore Brothel He was working on a giant toy, a kind of great machine And asked his mother “Why are you my mom?” She replied and told him that she’d always been mean To him as if he’d been a grown-up The boy then stopped and went to kiss his mother’s hand Sat at her side, the woman then laughed out: « You carry your soul like a broken arm In a loosened white and stained scarf » She stretched her legs and let her head fall back On the green couch of the Nevermore Brothel As she was looking at him, his eyes turned black He stood and beat her in the Nevermore Brothel From the door came the father in his old costume And then he… Then he jumped on his son And then he strangled him! The mother then broke a bottle of cheap perfume As if to say “I’m quite fed up with my knit. And… Anyway… You are BOTH as BORING as my SILLY WORK! I’d rather DIE right now, my life is done! MY LIFE IS DONE!” Daddy dropped his son and laughed mouth wide In the main room of the Nevermore Brothel The son, cheerful, ran to his mother’s side And danced around her in the Nevermore Brothel