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Nothing but his (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

Wherever he goes he hears steps around him In the streets, in cafés, even at home it seems At noon, at midnight it can't be a dream “I'm so tired to keep hearing those things” “I keep hearing those things!” Wherever he goes he wants to flee To hidden places in the city Poor guy, from noon to midnight Doomed to hear those crazy things Anytime, anywhere they keep following Following & following him Maybe that’s the girl he one night killed No Chance! He moved away and left her in the attic Maybe that’s his fate following closely Whatever it is, he’s got to get rid of it! Yesterday as he was chasing a cat On a hot tin roof, sleepwalking, Noises came back! He went to see Herr Doktor in the morning But in the waiting room didn't hear anything Until the nurse said “Please come in...” Maybe that’s the girl I one night kissed? No chance! Maybe that’s just fate following closely? Whatever it is please Doktor, help me get rid of it! It's following me (Everywhere around...) This is driving me mad This is driving me nuts This is dragging me down Herr Doktor examined the body Found nothing, gave him medicines But no one heard anything. The steps he always heard were in fact steps of his, The steps he always heard were in fact steps of his, As a matter of fact, those were steps of His.