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The crowd around (Katzenjammer Kabarett)

What has he done in his room for 3 days? Lost & silent, no one here dares say If he lives, if he’s dead “he may have left away!” From time to time, from the door a sound comes Like a broken glass from the unknown Then a scream, what a voice “I was wrong he’s not gone!” The mayor comes with his brand new outfit And knocks at the door with strength & passion “Hey Percy please get out! I can’t live without your advice” “Sometimes drunk, sometimes dumb He’s the fool in our landscape! See the mess he has caused I shall beat him if he shows out” A peasant comes with a torch in his hands Bright red fire of hate and anger And sets fire on the door “he’s a rabbit he will get out” The crowd around starts to whisper About the door and about the fire About how Percy lost his dreams The mayor rushes through the door and the flames Hurry steps to the young man’s bedroom “Are you sick? Are you deaf? Get your way out through the flames Hey Percy please get out! I can’t live without your advice” The young man stands and flees his home Leaves behind his only friend “See how cruel he is now I shall kill him if he comes back!!!”