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Goblin Box (Nekrogoblikon)

Moist Fleshy pink hands are now Covering us, Lowering us into A tiny metal Box. They said we would never escape The goblin box, They had never been so fucking wrong In their whole god damn motherfucking Lives so easy to save, Lost by the hundreds. Foolproof design? But this box is Easy to fucking destroy! Where the fuck are your brains now? I (think I) see them on the wall Breaking free (Rip all the humans) With ease (Tear all the humans up) Our appetite for blood (Kill all the humans) Impossible to please Stuffed Into the clutches of this Horrible box, So Many other beasts Have met their demises. They said that the box Was a damn solid design, But what they didn't realize Was goblins are stronger, faster, and smarter. Chuckling humans, sealing the box, Goblins are undeterred. Taking great care as they check all the locks Not a peep can be heard as they speak not a word! In the end, the humans are mauled, beaten, and killed. You may ask how this came to pass... How did we escape the box? Clearly, the answer is... The humans had built the box to torture and maim all kinds of magical creatures... But the goblins were not to be trifled with, no not to be trifled with at all. And as the humans lay there, a pulsating mound of bone and flesh, dead and mutilated Beyond all hope and reason, the goblins feasted on their rotting corpses, filling the halls with the shrill sound of chilling laughter. Forever.