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Goblin Christmas Armageddon Part I (Nekrogoblikon)

"Just as the ancient prophecies foretold, December 25th was no longer to be a day of joy, It was doomsday for planet Earth. It was the day that they arrived - The goblins destroyed everything they saw And raped the Earth's natural resources. Mankind lay in ruin. It truly was a goblin christmas..." Goblin christmas, goblin christmas! Here comes Santa's deadly sleigh, Hear the whispers, goblin whispers, Santa's green and you're his prey. Goblin christmas, goblin christmas! Instead of presents, only pain. Hear the whispers, goblin whispers, Blood will flow from every vein. Goblins are lighting the children aflame! Hiding in trees, and counting the days. Terrible monsters get ready to raid, You thought you could beat them, and now you will pay! Everyone scatters and no one survives! Entrails of Rudolph are turned into pies. Christmas will die when the goblins arrive! Leading the weak to the cauldrons at night. "Christmas used to be a jolly holiday, Full of presents and good cheer, But those times are gone... The goblins will make sure of that." Terrified humans look at the sky The goblin cruisers filling their eyes As lasers fry Santa, remember my friends, Don't ever celebrate Christmas again. CARNAGE SLAUGHTER DEATH ARMAGEDDON