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Nothing but Crickets (Nekrogoblikon)

Darkness blots out the sun Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run A roaring torrent of oily fiends Through the city streets careens Crickets! That's what they are Crickets! As far as the eye can see: They're hopping and chirping and breeding and Feasting on the flesh of you and I will not survive! This onslaught of evil embodied: This insect eruption, this cricket corruption All mankind will die! (all mankind will die) Nothing but crickets remain: Foolish and proud, we thought them mundane. Until one fateful night, everything changed, Out with a chirp, not with a bang! Chirp chirp chirp BLEHH This vulgar contagion of cricketine rot Spreads through the land with a chirp and a hop As we swarm to the left, we shall swarm to the right Battalions of crickets all swarming tonight We are crickets together; crickets who sin Husk on the outside, crickets within! Hopping together, we're hopping all night Hopping for victory, hopping with might! Bounding over the hills, They won't stop till they get their fill! Squirming river of terrible bugs, Catastrophic hopping flood! Crickets! Rain from the sky! Crickets! They're coming for you and me: Leaping and creeping and crawling and Gouging out your... I will not survive! Ignoring our sobs and ignoring our begs As they kick off our faces with muscular legs All mankind will die! (all mankind will die) You are a cricket and I am one too, We're all just crickets who are coming for you An eye for a feeler, or an arm for a wing, It's time for our revenge on all human fiends.