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Powercore (Nekrogoblikon)

Get out! Your repugnancy deeply sickens me, You are a failure and I want you to die! Your dumb look implies that you do not know why, So let me break it down: You are stifling the power, rotten to the core Such a massive fail, guess what? You're boring and I've seen this all before You're a joke and no one's laughing, I'm goin' for baroque and it all comes crashing down Every time that you try to do something right You seem to get it oh so wrong It's almost like a joke But no one's laughing now As we reach the final hour You were never the core of my power Just a foolish dream and You have failed me You're so terrible, it's unbearable You're just a phony, and I want you to explode Your deplorable brain fills my heart with disdain Ain't got the time to explain... To think I ever trusted you makes me bow my head in shame Everything has gone to shit and as always you're the only one to blame Reality trembles at the notion of one so naive To know I gave you one more chance gives me the creeps More disappointing than a box of rats on christmas More worthless than a dumpster filled with pogs (POGS! ) More disgusting than the time I took a bath with lots of slugs More revolting than a barrel full of ears