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The Plague (Nekrogoblikon)

A disease brings an end to mankind... Covered in boils, screaming in pain. Succumbing to the poison they spread by ten years of rain. Imagine a plague that will never end, Imagine the sickness taking your friends, Convulsing for hours 'til you finally die, The fires will send your ashes to the sky. Bodies are melting, the oceans run red, Dark waters hold the last of the dead. The goblins attacked our organs and cells, Our last screams shall echo: "WE'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" Illness dwells in this land of the damned... Dementia takes hold, witness mass suicide. Clawing the skin as it peels off our bones we have nowhere to hide. We will all die in this chemical war, Dissolve our intestines, writhe on the floor. Cough up a lung while the liver explodes, then Feel the collapse of the temporal lobe. Landing their ships, the goblins all sing, Preparing the meat for the hall of the king. Immune to the infection they spread through the land, Filling their cauldrons with our severed hands. Bleeding! From arteries torn... Infected! Every infant that's born... Screaming! For inevitable end... Dying! Families and friends.