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Disillusion (Vesania)

Oh the silence, the awakening in the middle of a scornful sky Examination of conscience A true believer crescendo of clarity and soul misery Disintegrating common sense, the human hybris reckoning For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory of the possession The conquering, the knowing, the fire in the heart And vows to yourself to the world to the lovers to the enemies to deceivers and friends Oh how far can you go in trusting to be your own god?.. How good does that sound? How sweet is it to your ears? They understand, they seize They teach you to withstand the defeat, the confusion The will to survive with nothing in the end To maintain a delusion state of mind of control and of the power Blissful sedative You're free to believe what you're made of makes some sense Somewhat powerless, roughly hedonist You follow the pattern Libertine free of morals Stronger than all you're in control Damn you oh what a tragedy The striking irong Relentless soul in a cage of mortal ghoul.. Let others see what you don't see There is no light in the tunnel.. There is no light whatsoever.. There is one thing about the mankind A bitter lesson to learn, a resaon to live The man is just what others comprehend They have their ways to see So if you seem to have faith in yourself And you're strong enough to reconcile Acknowledge the fact, that every other conviction you may have Is one miserable pile of secrets.. And no one will ever know How deep is your sorrow, how joyful is your happiness May then your fear of tomorrow reassure you of your forthcomings.. You'll be dying alone..