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Rest In Pain (Vesania)

ugliness, leprosy, pestilence on you! you! I'd hang you and you! I'd cut your head off, turn out adrift and kick it on a pavement that one? I'd drown you in the blood of these two cannot listen to you! it twists me, when I have you in view and I feel like vomiting when I think of you! you're all are right but live me alone, disappear! here the worlds become mixed borders interweave into dead rolls of events, growing more and more each moment bigger with new threads to be worth dying I'm seeking still but now I'm loosing my powers tonight the monument of everlasting dowry crumbled into pieces on the crystal floor with a dull crash everything will tumble down now I know just the time is needed to be back from being desirous of truth then just melt into nothingness I saw the light through the mists abated to be worth dying I'm seeking still but now I'm loosing my powers now I'm watching their blood flowing it's dirty and disgusting nevertheless it's an awesome feeling to smell its stench to see, that these ones, who left are afraid of it! galleries of horizons melting into dusk flower-like glares and shadows withering and blossoming again spaces drowning in nothingness rest in pain, all of you!